ECGE1114 - Economics II (EN)

Table of Contents

Mode of delivery

  • Face-to-face,
  • Second term,
  • 45 hours of theory
  • 30 hours of exercises.

Language of instruction

The class and the reference book are in English.

Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to provide an intuitive and formal understanding of the basic principles of macroeconomics and builds upon the foundations studied in Economics I. By the end of the course students should be able to explain the intuition underlying simple graphical and algebraic macroeconomic models. They should also be able to apply each model to solve numerical problems and to evaluate macroeconomic policies.

Course content

Chapter 1 : Markets for Factors of Production Chapter 2 : Macroeconomic Indicators (Unemployment, GDP, Price Indices) Chapter 3 : Monetary System Chapter 4 : Macroeconomic Fluctuations (AD-AS Model) Chapter 5 : Macroeconomic Growth (Solow-Swan Model) Chapter 6 : Public Deficit & Debt

Course materials

  • Reference book: Mankiw, Gregory and Mark Taylor, Economics, Cengage Learning Emea, 4th edition, ISBN 978-1-4737-2533-1, 2017.

Learning activities

a) Plenary lectures During the plenary lectures, the professor presents the concepts and mechanisms associated to the different models. Those lectures will follow the course outline presented above.

b) Exercise sessions (TA sessions) The exercise sessions are carried out in small groups, and aim at checking knowledge acquisition as well as applying the theoretical concepts presented in class to solve exercises and case studies. So as to benefit from those sessions, the students should have reviewed the corresponding lectures. Those exercise sessions will also be partly devoted to critical reading of economic articles.

Assessment methods and criteria :

The final grade consists of two parts :

  • home assignments (3 deadlines during the semester) ;
  • written final exam (3h). These two parts are weighted as follows in the final grade :
  • 75 % for the written exam et 25 % for the home assignments if the score obtained at the written exam is at least 50 %;
  • 85 % for the written exam et 15 % for the home assignments if the score obtained at the written exam is less than 50 %. The grade of the home assignments is automatically reported to the next session unless the student explicitly asks for representing them.

Teaching assistant (2020-2021)

Vasylyna Sheremeta